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Favorite Books of 2014

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 6:13 AM
Note: This is not going by when I read them or by how much I enjoyed them. It's mostly by when they popped into my mind... So since 2014 is winding down, I thought I'd do a "Favorite Books of 2014" round up...Since I read a LOT. (And there will be a bonus of "Worst Books" too since I read some real stinkers!) No this will not be only books that came out in 2014.

For starters...

Undivided by Neal Shusterman - This book was the most anticipated all year, and I will admit most of the books I read this year was to keep busy before Undivided came out. It was just amazing, I couldn't put it down once I picked it up (and someone on Goodreads actually tried to spoil it for me! (I blocked them. 8T Yeah, I went there. No one spoils my favorite series. They actually targeted me out of all people to try to ruin it for)) It was such an emotional roller coaster and the best conclusion the Unwind Dystology could've had. I'm gonna feel weird for not having an Unwind book to anticipate. This is still my favorite book series hands down and will forever be my favorite book series. If you haven't read the Unwind Dystology yet... Go read it. Read it, and enjoy the void.

Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither - This.... Oh man... THIS book... Was the one I was most curious about. It got so much hate on Goodreads, and I was just curious about why it got the hate... And it did not deserve it. It was painfully beautiful, it made me tear up, it made me want to hug Violet and Cate and it made me curious of if and when there will be a sequel. I sense the start to a new trilogy or series, and I will say this... It's on par with Unwind in how good it is. It proudly has a place on my book shelf above the Unwind Dystology and the Skinjacker Trilogy.

The Selection by Kiera Cass- After Undivided came out... I really needed something to fill the void a little, something lighthearted after all the feels I got from Undivided. The Selection core three did that, Kiera Cass's characters were funny, witty, at times a little annoying and I just loved it. The characters were well developed, the story was fun and I just loved it. This is NOT on par with Unwind but it is a nice romance series and it will have two more books it seems in it. I'm excited to see where it goes.

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson - After all the polls and actually asking my library to please consider getting the Shades of London series in their e-library was there any doubt that my favorite mystery of 2014 was The Name of the Star?  It was truly amazing, and it was the best in mystery of 2014 for me was this book. It was truly terrifying, the mystery was one I kept guessing at and the characters... Sublime. I didn't hate a single character, even the villain, it was seriously one to throw me for a loop.

Delirium (first in the Delirium series) by Lauren Oliver - This was one I was actually putting the hate on earlier in the year, mentally because it sounded SO weird, love being a disease what!? But then I took another look and thought: "... This could either be really good... Or really crappy." and it was really good, beautifully done and I finished it in two days. I HAD the second book but my library copy expired. But I loved this enough that I'd be happy to buy the boxset if there was one. NO ONE SPOIL THIS FOR ME!

Tabula Rasa by Kristin Lippert-Martin - I read this in a single day, the first binge read since Undivded, and it was incredible. I felt as if I was running along with Sarah and Pierce as they tried to survive against those who wanted Sarah dead. If you haven't read it yet, please go pick it up, you will either love it or hate it but I personally adored it... And the main character is bald.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs - It was a fun read during the summer, I still need to read Hollow City but an intense series like this you gotta be in the mood. It's eerie, beautiful and I loved it, the pictures were an added bonus. Usually I don't like pictures in books because I like to imagine the characters myself... But this was an exception.

Now.... The books I HATED (that's right here we go! RAAAAANT TIME!)

This is Not A Test By Courtney Summers- My god.... I hated this book so much, it started off good, with so much potential, but then it rapidly started speeding up on the way to Shitville, and because my library at the time sucked and didn't have it in their e-library...I WASTED MONEY ON THIS THING! I felt like I was obligated to read it because I was stupid enough to pay for it!  It was indeed a zombie book...ONE WHERE I WAS ROOTING FOR THE ZOMBIES! See here for my Battle of Wills: Battle of Wills: Storm VS Book Part one and the victory against this piece of shit book: I did it...Hahaha I FINALLY DID IT. (SPOILERS)

This book ruined the author for me. Congrats Courtney Summers I never want to read ANYTHING by you again ESPECIALLY not the next book in what appears to be a crappy series. THE NEXT TWILIGHT PEOPLE! YES! I WENT THERE!

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson - I picked this book up thinking it was a stand alone book because there is nothing to mark it as book one in a series... Yes I know little unfair, but this book was awful. The main character was so mean and cruel, the descriptions were nauseating and this is coming from someone who's willingly and literally threw her own characters under the bus so they got mauled, but THIS was disgusting. It was written as if the author was just flaunting how she could write autopsy scenes and it was a weak mystery, heavy on the romance between the main character and her boyfriend. Yeck... Comparisons like: "While I'm here hugging his arm, my teacher is being prepared for his wake, being pumped full of-" and going off to list how he would be embalmed... It was gross.

And last and certainly the least:

Pieces of Me by Amber Kizer - I can't even describe how crappy it was.


So that was my favorite book and my most hated books of 2014. Looking forward to what's to come in 2015


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