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Cardinal rule for my gallery:


(This includes call out journals, comments of the harassing nature, harassing notes and flames...Basically DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE)


1. What’s the first thing your OC thinks about when they wake up in the morning?

"I'm hungry."

"I wonder if Andy's awake."


2. Does your OC believe that there’s no “i” in “team”?

Yeah she does. She's all for teamwork especially since she's the 'mascot' of Team Machina.

3. Has your OC ever run away from a dangerous situation?

Yes but she didn't like it. It was scary for her. She's just a kid.

4. Name one thing that is guaranteed to make your OC laugh.

Her big brother Andy. And her best friend (adopted big brother) Dusty.

5. Does your OC like to plan ahead?

Not really. Olivia just goes with the flow.

6. How does your OC kill time?

Play with Andy and Dusty. Learning from Dottie.

7. What is your OC’s most valued material object?

Two things:

Her locket as it was a gift from her father Brody.

Her blue hair clip as it was a gift from Andy.

8. What would your OC score on an IQ test? Would they agree with this score?

She doesn't know it but she'd score WAY above average. She would just get all shy.

9. Is appearance a big deal to your OC?

She likes looking good but she's not a super girly girl. She doesn't wear dresses a lot but she knows when she has to dress her best.

10. Can your OC whistle?

Very well. She likes it, it's fun.

11. Does your OC prefer animals to people, vice-versa, or both?

She likes them both... But if you had to ask her... And remembering that she's a little girl...

She'd choose machines.

12. Does your OC take time to self-reflect at all?

She does. Musing about her world, wondering how things are going to keep changing. Wondering what it was like before living machines.

13. Does your OC invite company to their home often?


14. Would your OC prefer to travel on foot, or through a faster mode of transportation?

Dusty's wing - Best mode to her.

15. Does your OC make their own outfits/armor?

She can sew but not a whole lot.

16. Does your OC use silverware or would they rather just eat with their hands?

Depends on the food.

17. Does your OC snore?

Not at all. (Andy would claim otherwise but Olivia would claim ladies don't snore)

18. Which of your OC’s 5 senses are strongest?

Her eyes.

19. Does your OC change their appearance often?

Tends to stick to the usual stuff, jeans or shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers/boots. Most often is changed is her hair style. She has to tie it up or back a lot due to what Dottie's teaching her.

20. Is your OC well-liked?

Generally yes.

21. Is your OC optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?

Optimistic but knows when to be realistic too. Especially if Andy's being stupid.

22. Does your OC prefer knowledge, or wisdom?

To her it's one in the same.

23. Does your OC have to worry about money?

Not really.

24. If your OC has friends, what are some of the qualities your OC has that made them friends? If they don’t have friends, why not?

Olivia's kind to everyone she meets, she doesn't let people bully her, or if they manage to she doesn't let it get her down. She's very outgoing and friendly so... It's hard for her NOT to make friends actually. At least with machines. She's not too good with other human children her age. She's got a small circle of human friends but her two best friends as far as humans go are Matt and Hailey.

25. Does your OC prefer warm weather, or cool weather?

Warm cause then she can be out and watch Dusty practice flying.

26. Does your OC tend to hoard junk?

"It's valuable junk!" < Spare parts and tools.

27. Does your OC suffer from headaches, body aches, or the like? If so, what causes them?

She gets a headache from information overload. Body aches from just playing too rough and just in general growing pains cause she's still got a lot of growing left.

28. Is your OC a trouble-maker, or a peace-keeper?

Peace keeper.

29. What are your OC’s thoughts on the concept of slavery? (Whether it is a problem in their world or not.)

It's wrong. She hates it.

30. Does your OC have any unusual talents or abilities?

She's scarily good with engine work. She also can take apart things very quickly and put them back together.

"Olivia stop trying to see how to detach my prop" has been said a lot.

31. What would be your OC’s favorite movie genre?


32. Would your OC be better at an obstacle course, or a standardized test?

Standardized test.

33. Is your OC good at lying?

Terrible at it. She doesn't like lying and she can get caught in a lie very easily unless someone's helping her.

34. In high-stress situations, does your OC panic, or remain calm?

Calm. But when things get too stressful she'll just fall onto the ground and cry for awhile.

36. Why/how did they learn more than one language? If they only know one language, why is that?

She only knows English.

37. Is your OC easily distracted?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on her mood.

38. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

Her family and her friends.

39. Is your OC selfish?


40. Does your OC look down at the ground while they’re walking, or do they look forward?

Skyward. She lives in a town of planes, her eyes are always trained to the sky. (And then to the ground when she eventually trips)

41. Does your OC like hugs?

Adores them. She is a total little cuddle bug.

42. Is your OC patient? Why or why not?

She's patient but sometimes will be impatient since she's a kid... She's not good at controlling issues yet.

43. Would your OC ever prank anyone? Who?

Andy. Always Andy. Maybe Matt.

Dusty and some of the Piston Peak folk when Andy's enlisted her. She can be naughty around her brother.

44. What is your OC’s main goal right now?

Figuring out how to beat Andy in arm wrestling.

45. Does your OC have any pet-peeves?

Getting her hair caught in an engine part.

46. Does your OC ever think about their future?

She wonders if she'll ever get to co-own the Fill and Fly.

47. Has your OC ever compromised their beliefs? If yes, why? If not, would they ever?

She hasn't had to. But if she ever did it would be killing living machines is wrong in her eyes and it would only be if it was to defend herself.

48. What is your OC’s greatest accomplishment, to date?

The HEAMIC incident's resolution.

49. Does your OC like the storms?

Loves them.

50. What are your OC’s middle and last names?

Her full name is Olivia Rebecca Hayes

51. Share a head-canon you have for one of your OC’s.

Olivia sometimes fakes being sick for a bit to get extra time with Andy when he's busy. (Post Ghosts he's been kind of banned from public appearances for awhile and anything relating to human/machine relations by his parents so extra time)

And she cannot stand spicy food. She just can't take it.

I TAG RAE-CHAN13...  Because I'm a jerk. *smile*


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